What To Use As Rolling Paper

Rolling paper is an important part of enjoying a joint. Of course, you can enjoy weed in other ways, such as using a bong or delicious edibles, but joints are the traditional way.

What to Use as Rolling Paper

But what if you’ve run out of your favorite rolling paper? What else can you use to roll a joint? If you want to know, just stick around and find out!

About Weed

Marijuana, or weed as it’s commonly called, is a drug made from the Cannabis sativa plant that has been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes and recreational purposes.

The active ingredient in marijuana is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is also the main psychoactive component found in cannabis. 

THC gets you high when it binds with cannabinoid receptors in your brain and central nervous system (CNS).

Cannabinoid receptors are part of our endocannabinoid system – the network of chemicals, cells, tissues and organs that regulate physiological processes like sleep, mood, appetite, memory, pain perception, immune function, fertility and inflammation.

All this information is only useful if you have a way to smoke your weed, though… So what if you run out of rolling paper?

Alternatives To Rolling Paper

Below are a couple of things you could try using instead of rolling paper. They might not work out as good as their rolling paper counterparts, but they will work in a hitch.

If you have any of these things lying around when you’ve run out of rolling paper, why not give it a try?

Empty Cigarette

No rolling paper? No problem. You can just get a cigarette and empty out its contents to create a joint. All you need to do is get the tobacco out of the cigarette, then repack it with weed.

Or, you could leave some tobacco in there and create a spliff. Do it very gently, so that you don’t tear the cigarette or ruin the filter. 

If you’re sharing your smoke with someone else, just double check if they’re comfortable using tobacco with weed. Not everyone likes the combination!

When tobacco is added to the weed, the flavor and way it burns will be altered. It’s all down to personal choice, but remember to always be respectful of other people’s preferences, too. 

Corn Husks

You could also try using corn husks as a substitute for rolling paper. Weed tamales are a great alternative, since the corn husks are the perfect fit for rolling paper.

You just need to get some corn husks and roll your joint the way you usually could (you might have to cut it first, though). 

Make sure your corn husks are pre-dried. You can do this by leaving them in the oven for a little while, probably around half an hour.

Keep the oven on a low heat so that the moisture the husks are retaining are able to evaporate. 

Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is another option for you if you’re in a rush. It isn’t as good as some other alternatives on this list, but it’ll do in a pinch.

To use tissue paper to roll your joint instead of rolling paper, you will need to roll it very carefully.

Make sure that the tissue paper you’re using is plain and white, since other types could contain harmful chemicals. 

When you use tissue paper instead of rolling paper, the joint will burn a lot faster.

Because of this, sharing a tissue paper joint can prove a challenge. You’ll need to be efficient with the passing so that everyone gets their hit!

Flower Petals

Flower petals, specifically rose petals, can be used to make a little baby joint. Because of the difference in size, any joint made with rose petals won’t be the usual size.

If you do decide to use rose petals, make sure they’re organic. A lot of chemicals can be absorbed by the plants, and you don’t want to be inhaling chemicals that could be harmful.

This is a pretty bougie option, but it works. If you decide to use rose petals, make sure to broil them for 5-10 seconds, just to get rid of the excess moisture.

You don’t want to toast them, you only want the moisture to evaporate. When you roll up the joint, you will need a crutch to keep it in place, then put it back in the oven.

Allow it to dry for another few seconds to keep its shape, then smoke it!

Paper Gum Wrappers

It’s best not to use gum papers that have aluminum on one side, because it’ll take ages to peel the layer to only use the paper. Instead, buy gum that has a wrapper made purely from paper.

You can usually choose different sizes, which will result in either bigger or smaller joints.

You can use the gum paper how you would typically use rolling paper. The process will effectively be the same, so it’s pretty straightforward. 

Yellow Pages

The paper found in phone books are pretty thin, and resemble rolling paper very well. It’s not like we use phone books anyway, so they need a new purpose!

If you want to use the paper from a phone book, you need to be sure to handle the paper very carefully, as it tends to be thin and brittle. 

Thankfully, the thinness helps with the rolling a lot. All you need to do is cut the paper to size (unless you want a massive doobie, which isn’t recommended).

Once the paper is cut, roll your joint how you usually would, and enjoy!

Final Thoughts

Rolling joints to smoke weed is one of the most enjoyable ways to enjoy the hobby, However, there are a number of ways to enjoy it without having to roll a doobie.

You would use a bong, create edibles, or smoke it using a pipe or even a vegetable! The possibilities are endless as long as you are creative enough to think them up.

As always, the information given on this page is for educational purposes only.

Marijuana is not legal in every state, and we are not encouraging anyone to use it where it is not legal.

If you are able to enjoy a doobie, make sure you do it safely. This drug has a wide range of effects, and you always need to use it responsibly.

David Lumis