How Do You Smoke Hash?

Cannabis and other cannabis products have been used for centuries and in some parts of Europe, some parts of the United States and some other areas have legalized or otherwise decriminalized its use in the modern area. 

How Do You Smoke Hash

One of the most popular products to smoke is hash, but many people may be unfamiliar with this cannabis product. 

So, in this guide, we’ll tell you what hash is, how to smoke it and how it differentiates from traditional cannabis. 

What Exactly Is Hash?

Hashish, or hash for short, is a type of cannabis product that is uniquely created into a solid block shape. This shape is formed by isolating the trichomes of cannabis and then solidifying them.

This is ideal for a lot of people because this area of the cannabis plant is the most potent. 

It is where the terpenes and cannabinoids are found and this makes it a much stronger product than anything that comes from the other parts of the cannabis plant. 

Much like most other products, hash can be different and varied in terms of texture, smell, and taste depending on its preparation, handling, and the type of cannabis plant it is being extracted from.

Some people report their hash being like paste, whereas others say theirs is very chalky or even rubbery. 

The color of hash differs too, from a reddish hue to a dark brown. Its age is debatable, but many people believe it to be the oldest form of cannabis ever used.

There is still no certain or concrete evidence as to the first ever used hash, but many researchers are theorizing that it is older than the 12th century and being used in areas like North Africa and the Middle East. 

Despite the massive popularity of traditional cannabis today, hash is still widely used, and some people prefer it. It is a very strong cannabis product and very versatile, allowing you to use it in edibles or smoke it in various different methods. 

So, How Can I Smoke It?

Although there are all these different ways to consume hash, smoking it is probably the most popular, but there are different ways to smoke it. You can smoke it in:

  • A joint 
  • A blunt 
  • A bong 
  • A pipe 
  • A vaporizer 
  • A dab ring 
  • Hot knives 

With all of these methods, you’ll need different items to start with. So, we’ll break this down into sections to make it easier for you! 

Joint, Blunt, Spliff

This is probably the most common form of smoking hash. Before you start, you will need:

  • Hash 
  • Cannabis flower 
  • Tobacco (optional)
  • Rolling papers or a blunt wrap 
  • Lighter 

Take out your rolling papers or blunt wrap and make the foundations of your smoke. You’ll need to put in your ground cannabis flower and tobacco if you choose to and spread it across your rolling paper or blunt wrap. 

Once you have made this foundation, create a roach or filter and place this at the end of your joint.

Before you begin rolling, inspect your foundation and ensure everything looks even and ready to go. 

Next, break off some hash and spread that across your joint before rolling.

Depending on the texture of your hash, you might find this difficult – ensure you try to dry it out before doing this as it can make things easier. 

Roll up your joint as normal and light away! Depending on the hash, the draw from your smoke might be slightly hindered and take much more force to get a hit. Don’t worry though, this is common. 

Bong, Bowl, Spoon Pipe, etc

Another popular method for smoking hash. Before starting, you will need:

  • Hash 
  • Cannabis flower (optional)
  • Your pipe/bong etc. 
  • A lighter 

It’s recommended that you lace the bottom of your bowl or pipe with cannabis flower to take away some of the strength of a hash hit, but not everybody will do this.

Try to use screens that are used specifically for smoking hash too if you can. 

This will allow for even burning which will give you a much better smoking experience. Once you’ve done this, add a chunk of some hash.

Light up your chosen method as you would and smoke away! 

Once again, lighting it might be a little more difficult than normal.

It’s a good idea to invest in a powerful lighter, preferably one that can light for a while and not burn your fingers when you keep it lit.

Vaporizer Or Dab Ring 

There is no guarantee that this method will work, but you won’t know until you try. If your hash is not melting very well, it’s going to be nearly impossible to smoke it via a vaporizer or dab ring. 

In any case, to give it a go, you will need:

  • Hash 
  • A Vaporizer or dab ring 
  • A blow torch, e-nail or powerful lighter 

Add your hash to your vaporizer’s chamber and crank it up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Wait for it – and smoke away as normal.  

If your method of using a vaporizer is not working because the hash will not melt, you can transform your hash into a product called rosin.

You can do this by placing the hash in between two pieces of wax paper, and then squash it using a set of hair straighteners or a similar product. 

The result is rosin, which can be vaporized easily. 

Hot Knives 

Hot knives is an old method, but some still use them. You will need:

  • Hash 
  • Two knives 
  • Blowtorch 
  • Plastic bottle cut in half 

Using the top half of the bottle, you can keep it as a mouthpiece. Heat your two knives by placing them on top of your stove until you notice the blades have gone red-hot (literally!). 

Wait around 1 minute for the knives to slightly cool and then get your mouthpiece ready. Put the hash onto the knives and press down – the fumes will travel through the mouthpiece and you can smoke up! 

The Bottom Line

Hash smoking is very popular and for good reason! Choose your method wisely and stay safe out there. Happy smoking.

David Lumis