Can You Fly With Edibles?

Most people don’t realize that cannabis has medicinal properties. In fact, some studies suggest that marijuana may even help treat certain types of cancer.

Can you Fly with Edibles?

Cannabis is a plant that contains cannabinoids, which are chemical compounds that interact with our body’s receptors.

The two main cannabinoids are THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). Both of these chemicals can affect your mood, appetite, pain perception, memory, and sleep patterns.

With cannabis becoming legal in more states it begs whether you can fly with this recreational drug. More specifically, can you fly with edibles?

In this article we are going to explore this question in more detail, so, let’s get started. 

Can You Take Edibles On A Plane? 

It depends on which airline you are flying with. All major airlines prohibit passengers from bringing certain items onto the plane.

For example, some airlines do not allow liquids, gels, aerosols, or anything else that could potentially cause an explosion. In addition, some airlines may require that you turn off any electronic devices during takeoff and landing.

However, some airlines let passengers bring medical marijuana products onto the plane, provided that they fit into a specific container.

Some airlines also give travelers the option of choosing between two separate containers when checking bags. One container holds cannabis products while the other holds personal belongings.

What Happens When I Get Off The Plane?

When you arrive at your destination, you will have to clear customs. Once this process has been completed, you will need to go through security again. Once you pass through security, you will be able to enjoy your vacation.

What Does The Law Say?

First off, if you do decide to take cannabis for medical purposes, your state may have its own set of laws regarding what you can and cannot ingest while flying.

It is important to know where you live because your state may have different rules than others.

For instance, California allows patients to use medical cannabis, but they also require a doctor’s recommendation.

Therefore, if you go into a dispensary and purchase cannabis then you will need to show up at an airport with a prescription from a physician.

However, other states like Alaska allow anyone over 21 years old to legally possess cannabis. They also don’t care what type of medicine you are taking. So, as long as you are purchasing cannabis legally there should be no issues.

Can you Fly with Edibles?

It’s important to note that while cannabis may be legal in some countries, there are still places where it is illegal. For example, cannabis remains classified as a Schedule I drug in the United States.

Therefore, it is still considered an illegal drug under U.S. Federal Law. As long as you are traveling internationally, you are likely going to run into trouble if you are caught carrying cannabis products.

Even though cannabis use has been legalized in some states, federal laws remain in place.

But What About Recreational Use?

If you plan on using cannabis recreationally then it becomes a bit trickier. Many states still consider cannabis illegal due to its status as a controlled substance.

However, many people argue that since the federal government doesn’t regulate cannabis anymore, it shouldn’t matter how a state chooses to handle cannabis.

Some states have already legalized recreational cannabis use, such as Washington, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and Alaska. However, most states are still debating the issue.

But regardless of your stance on recreational cannabis use, you might want to think about what you can and can’t consume when flying.

What Can You Consume When Flying?

The short answer is “as much as you want!” This means that you can eat baked goods containing cannabis, smoke cannabis flower, vape cannabis oil, drink alcohol mixed with cannabis, and even snort it.

If you were wondering why vaping cannabis was allowed, it is because many airlines now allow passengers to bring their own devices on board.

This will entirely depend on what state or country you are flying to and what airline you are using. Most airlines allow customers to bring their vaporizers onboard, however, some only allow vapes that contain nicotine.

Others won’t allow any form of smoking, including e-cigarettes. And some airlines don’t permit any form of vaping. So, before you travel make sure to check out the policies of the airline in question.

​So, Can You Eat Cannabis?

Yes! While eating edibles is certainly one way to consume cannabis, there are plenty of other ways to consume cannabis without actually consuming anything edible.

In fact, if you are interested in trying edibles, you should try them first because they are usually easier to digest. Plus, once you find something that works for you, you can always switch back to edibles if you prefer not to eat a food product.

Can you Fly with Edibles?

Here are a few examples:

Vaping – Vape pens and cartridges come in all shapes and sizes. There are several types of vaporizers available today, each designed to perform differently. The best part is that you can easily swap out components depending on what kind of effect you are looking for.

Cannabis Oil Capsules – Unlike edibles, these capsules work by dissolving under the tongue, so you can quickly feel the effects. These are great options for those who aren’t fond of eating foods.

Edible Bites – These are bite-size pieces of chocolate infused with CBD. They are perfect for traveling because they are easy to carry around and won’t affect your luggage.

Edibles Vs Smoking

There are pros and cons to both methods of consumption. Here are just a few things to keep in mind:


Pros: Fast acting
Cons: Not ideal for people who struggle with anxiety
Cons: Tobacco smoke contains hundreds of harmful toxins


Pros: Slow acting (up to 2 hours)
Cons: Can be difficult to swallow for people who struggle with swallowing difficulties
Cons: May take longer than smoking to reach peak effects

Final Thoughts

Since cannabis remains federally illegal, you may run into problems at airports. It’s up to you whether you choose to consume any type of cannabis while traveling. Be safe and enjoy yourself!

David Lumis